Winter 2017 News Letter

From The President:

Greetings and Happy Blessed New Year everyone.

As 2016 drew to a close I found time to reflect on the past year. I soon realized that it was a truly busy and fast year. Many items were purchased, mostly for the kitchen and shop. Many projects were worked on, not all were completed and several are still in progress. I am requesting a pause button that I can use when I need to take a deep breath and catch up on time. Rest assured, seven months from now it will be show time once again.

As we enter into 2017, we also enter our 49th year. Just think, next year we hit the BIG 5 O. Take a step back and look at all that has transpired. Look at what the club has accomplished and how we have grown. Do you see the things that have changed? Can you recall how things were ten or twenty, even thirty or forty years ago? Man, time flies by fast.

This year I am asking for each and every member to step up and do your part for the club. Many of you have already stepped up, but this is every member’s duty and responsibility. This club has not gotten this far by doing things alone. This is a team effort. There is more than projects to be worked on. Your input is also needed as to your thoughts and suggestions. The board of directors is doing their best representing you and we want to do what is needed for the club, too. You cannot rely on the board of directors alone. You need to realize that you need to do your part for the club as well. We are all in this together.

Back in Oct. we had our annual banquet which was held at the Bayside Supper Club. After the delicious meal we held the drawing for the raffle prizes. The winning recipients were drawn as follows. First prize, the Allis Chalmers “C” tractor, Scott Vick. Second, Sean Setter, third Cole Rappl, fourth, Art Grunewald, fifth, Rick Firari, sixth, Jake Herman, seventh, Anne Jones, and eighth, Joann Kikkert. Congratulations to our winners and Thank You to everyone for purchasing tickets and supporting our club.

We are still having recurring issues with the newsletters not getting to some members in a timely manner. During the last scheduled mailing a whopping fifty plus newsletters were returned. Most of those were wrong addresses or no forwarding address. Due to the high cost of mailing these newsletters this is the LAST time that you will receive it. This was voted on at our annual meeting. More on this issue later. Please read carefully to understand the options that will be best for you.

During the annual membership meeting in November, nominations were accepted for the board of directors. Up for reelection to the board of directors this year were Bill Brehmer, Jim Breselow and Sue Bintzler with Jim and Sue accepting nominations. Also accepting nominations were Daryl Wuenne, Katie Polsen, John Kasmiski, Bill Madison and Harlow Stork. The winning board members this year are Sue Bintzler and newly elected are Daryl Wuenne and Harlow Stork. Thank you to Katie Polsen and John Kasmiski for running for the board and also Thank You to Jim Breselow and Bill Brehmer for your many years of dedication and service. The officers will remain the same as before. Dale Schwantes as President, Dick Kraemer as Vice President, Sue Bintzler as Secretary, and Sandy Frank as Treasurer.

The toy show was a success again this year. Saturday turned out to be busy, even with the storm on its way. Attendance was down considerably on Sunday but the hard core toy shoppers managed to get through the snow. The storm was over by midday but not the football games. Most everyone was carrying something in their arms as they were leaving. I want to thank Curt Pernat for chairing this event for us and for recruiting several exhibitors and members for helping with the set-up and take-down, serving food, and to Randy Draeger for pick up and delivery of the trailer with the tables in it.

The feature for this year will be Blacksmithing, Ford, Fordson, Ferguson, Sears / Economy, and engines, and implements. This is a long listing for this year, and as of this writing, no one has come forth to promote this feature for the club. Where are our Ford enthusiasts? Who has connections with the Ford clubs? This is not that difficult of a job to do. We need someone to be a contact with these clubs, to communicate with them and us. Someone who can report information to the board and advertising. Someone who already has contacts and corresponding journals would be a plus. I know that one person cannot do this alone. Please contact me, Dale Schwantes (920)210-6744.

Old Fashioned Christmas had to be canceled due to the stormy weather we had back on Dec. 17th. The event will be held on Feb. 19th and will be themed Winter Wonderland. The dog pullers and horse rides will not be available, but many other activities will still be happening. Come out to the club grounds and join us for a fun filled day. All proceeds will be donated to the county food pantries. Several people have inquired about this event and are still looking forward to being there. The chili cook-off competition of the board members is still on so don’t miss out. Be there.

We have scheduled a full load of activities again for this year. Please see the attached calendar of events. Don’t miss out on the many fun events that are happening this year. The club has been asked again from numerous organizations to be a part of their events. Please represent DCAPC at these events. Some of these events are included on the calendar. There is always a need for you, as a club member, to do your part, or what you can do. Remember, this is your club. Be that beneficial person that you are needed to be. Many great things are happening at our club. Please do not miss out. Be a part of it.

Respectfully Submitted, Dale Schwantes,

 A Note From Our Secretary:

Hello one and all,

I hope everyone had a great holiday and hopefully 2017 will be a better year for all.

There is so much going on in the club that I don’t know where to start. I guess I will start with the most important thing and that is the newsletter. At our annual meeting the general membership decided to charge for the newsletter if you want one sent to you. The cost for the newsletter will be $10.00 per year from now on. This will be THE LAST FREE NEWSLETTER going out to everyone. When I receive your $10.00 you will go on my mailing list. You may send the money to me, W6132 State Rd 33, Juneau WI 53039 with your name and correct address to verify I have a current one on file. I will work very hard with Jim to keep the website up to date and as current as possible.

Now if you have the internet and access to a computer, you still can read the newsletter free because it will be on the website. The membership thought that this would eliminate a good portion of the problems we have been having. We would then leave the membership dues alone for now and see how this works. For those of you who can access a computer our website is I am in the process of learning how to go to this site and change things but as of now, Jim Richardson has been doing a mighty fine job at keeping it current.

We have two new members to welcome to the board and they are Daryl Wuenne and Harlow Stark. If you see these two, welcome them to the board. I also want to thank Jim Breselow and Bill Bremer for their dedicated time and efforts in giving the club fresh and new ideas and for their dedication. THANK YOU guys!!!!!!

The OldFashioned Christmas was postponed and has been rescheduled for February 19th. The committee decided to call it a Winter Wonderland at DCAPC. The committee consists of Sue Schwantes and Rae Geb. They are looking for more people to join them to help organize this. They have a lot of exciting things to do but we are in need of more people. Even the blacksmith shop is going to be open and making bells. The dog sleds can’t come and the horses can’t come either. I do think they are planning on having a vintage snowmobile showing. They do have lots planned, so it would be wonderful to have a great participation from the club.

The board has been busy getting things together for our show. Before you know it August will be here and gone and we won’t have blinked an eye. Okay, well maybe not that fast but it creeps up pretty fast. My dad always told me that the older you get, the faster the time goes. Well, of course I didn’t think he knew anything but IT IS TRUE. The kitchen will be making some changes and we are hoping it is for the better. For the last 10 years or more the kitchen was blessed with a wonderful lady who did all our dishes for us. We can’t thank her enough but it was time that we stop relying on her and get a dish washer. I purchased an industrial dishwasher for the kitchen. Hopefully the guys will be able to fit it in the kitchen and get it hooked up for us. Now this doesn’t mean that we don’t want this wonderful lady in kitchen. NO! NOT AT ALL! On the contrary, this just means that her job got easier and should she decide to take a break in the middle of the day she can do that now without getting behind! THANK YOU MRS DYKSTRA!

The board has implemented a sponsor sheet and we have a volunteer to take care of all our sponsors, so we don’t forget anyone and we can get this going as soon as possible to catch bigger businesses when they make out their budgets. Thank you Sue Wuenne! Please contact her if you have any questions.

OKay! Whew, there are so many other things but I can’t mention everything. Remember that our board meeting is not just for the board. Everyone is welcome. With all this said I am going to sign out now but I want to leave you with a few last comments.

1) The Board is there only there for guidance. We can’t do everything. Without your help, this club couldn’t exist. You all need an applause for all the hard work that goes into this club and our show!!! KUDODS!!!

2) This will be your last written newsletter unless you send me your correct address & $10.00 to cover printing costs & postage for 3 newsletters each year.

Thank you and I hope you all have a wonderful 2017.

Sue Bintzler, Secretary, DCACP [email protected], (920)979-0536

Mail to: W6032 State Rd 33 Juneau, WI 53039


 Logs for the barn floor were purchased by the Barn Committee from Triple A Hardwoods to be sawed during our Show last August. Unfortunately, the Sawmill Team was not able to get all the logs done that are required to complete the barn floor. The plan is to start on the barn floor in spring….right around the corner!

The second annual Barn Raffle drawing was held on November 13th at The Rock in Horicon. We sold 675 tickets for a profit of over $3000 for the barn. A list of the raffle winners can be found on the Club’s website. Many thanks to all those who gathered donations, sold, or purchased tickets. Also thank you to those folks who came down to The Rock in support of the Barn Committee and the raffle drawing. It was a good time!

Sue Wuenne is spear-heading a new approach in fund raising for the barn. She has been reaching out to larger organizations for sponsorship and donations. Sue has also volunteered to expand her efforts to include fund raising for the club.

Last, but not least, the Barn Committee has added 3 new members. Welcome to Dick Aide, as well as Todd and Lisa Wanie. 2017 promises to be a great year and we hope to get much done on our barn project!

Barnfully submitted by Diane Schacht Dairy Display Committee


Wednesdays have been occupied with restoration projects during the past months. The largest to date has been rebuilding the wooden wagon running gear that gave out during the annual show. New axles had to be shaped and most of the other wooden parts replaced. Work has begun on the elevator for the corn husker. The corn husker was restored two years ago and this will complete the project. The third project has just entered the shop. It is a Climax six cylinder engine with an attached 75 kw generator. This unit was donated by Judi Rhodes. The engine is free and we will be trying to start it in the near future.

Wagon Running Gear
Wagon Running Gear
Running Gear Complete
Running Gear Complete
Husker Elevator
Husker Elevator
Climax Generator Set
Climax Generator Set


     


Place Settings,

Table/Silver Ware

Antique Table Linens,

Antique Kitchen/Dining Chairs

Fiber Arts Demonstrations throughout the day

We are looking for ONE place setting of antique china or pretty dishes. We are looking for dinner plates, salad plates, bread plates, soup bowls, fruit bowls, glasses, cups, saucers, etc. and table/silver ware that would make up one complete place setting at the dinner table. Coupled with this idea is to display antique table linens, including napkins and table cloths, and a different kind of chair at each place as well. Please call me at (920) 386-2565 to let me know that I can count on you for a display item.

Michelle Zahn 920-386-2565 or [email protected]

Chair, Women’s Committee


At the last board meeting, I volunteered to be the contact person for the sponsorships and donations for our club. We hope to keep a more accurate record of these things and try to eliminate repeat requests. So, if you receive a donation for the club please let me know whom it is from, what it is designated for and how much it is. If you are thinking of contacting someone about a donation, please check with me to make sure that hasn’t been done by someone else.

Many places have forms to fill out for requests. So next time you are at the bank, insurance office, grocery store, or other places of business, ask them if they have a donation form. Then you can give them to me or to any board member and I will fill them out and send them in. If you would like to fill it out yourself, please check with me to sure one has not already been filled out for that place.

Hopefully at the annual meeting I will be able to report on our donations for the year. You may contact me, Sue Wuenne at [email protected], call or text 920-387-5790. If you have any questions please ask and I will try to answer your questions.

Thanks, Sue Wuenne


Thanks for the newsletter. I’m sure glad it was again a success. My husband Lloyd Schaefer joined as a permanent member when we 1st moved out here to Horicon. He worked, then retired after 38 years from Waukesha Engine. He had many friends who collected engines, especially the brothers who collected John Deere and fixed them up, they did many shows over the years, I believe they were the Lund Family.

Lloyd had trouble walking and was very sick leading up to the show, but determined to go, this year, he passed away July 28 after suffering a heart attack. He was 76 years old. He so enjoyed watching from our home a mini farm (on Hwy 28) as the old tractors came and went from your show. If he had ever been able he would have wanted to volunteer, he did miracles with metal at work and also loved to work in wood.

I wish you and all your elves keep up the good work it is enjoyable to see you using the grounds for other things, rather than once a year, but I used to do volunteer work and know how hard it is to get others as motivated as you. Thanks again for all the enjoyment you brought into my husband’s and my life.

Crystal Schaefer, Horicon


Important Dates to Remember:

  • Board Meeting March 12, show grounds
  • Board Meeting April 9, show grounds
  • Horicon Living History Days May 12 – 14
  • Ponderosa Ride May 14
  • Board Meeting May 21
  • Pot Luck Picnic May 21 1:00pm
  • Fly-in Breakfast Juneau June 4
  • Board Meeting June 4 Noon at Juneau Airport
  • Dairy Brunch June 4 at Russell Warmka Farm
  • Brat Fry June 17 at Ballwegs in Beaver Dam
  • Dairy Brunch June 24 at Green Lake
  • Board Meeting July 9
  • Girl scout Week at DCAPC Show Grounds July 23 – 28
  • Board Meeting / Show meeting July 30, worker sign-up

Standing Committees

• Wednesday Crew – Chair Jim Richardson (920) 319-1773

• News Letter – Co-chairs Sue Bintzler (920) 979-0536 & Michelle Zahn (920) 386-2565

• 2017 Feature Ford Tractors& Machinery (needs chair) & Blacksmithing – Chair Russ Sponem 920)728-1378

• Women’s Center Committee – Chair Michelle Zahn (920) 386-2565

• Music and Entertainment – Tony Schwantes (920) 382-9073 and Harlow Stark (920) 728-3139

• Children’s Activities Needs a Chair

• Gardening – Sue Schwantes (920) 210-9894

• Jam’N Juneau (Augustfest) – Cochairs Jim Zahn (920) 650-1960 and Sue Bintzler (920) 979-0536

• Plow Days Needs a Chair

• The Toy Show – Co-chairs Curt Pernat (262) 567-0566 and Dave VandeZande, Jr. (920) 324-0376

• Dairy Display – Chair Bill Madison (920) 319-2105

You do not need to be a board member to chair a committee