Summer 2017 News Letter

From the Seat of the President

by Dale Schwantes [email protected] 920-210-6744

Hello everyone.

You can argue about the old saying, an old wives tale, or a quote from the farmer’s almanac, that April showers bring May flowers. Well, as I am writing this, (the month of May), and the weather still wants to keep crying. Of course, we have not been hit like some states have, thank God, and we do not need to build an ark yet either. One thing that is for sure, is that when the weather does decide to break, there will be a flood. Rest assured, the flood will not be from the high water level, but you can expect that the flood will be from people pouring out to their yards and gardens, and fields to get to long awaited planting of flowers, vegies, and crops.Maybe this will bring us a long awaited abundance of pleasure.

The Wednesday crew has been busy with several projects, and so has the Wednesday “Night Crew”. Yes, you read that correctly. A Wednesday afternoon, evening crew has also started to get together and do projects after they are done working their jobs. Jim Richardson is still leading the projects with the “day crew” and Bill Madison is the “night crew” leader.When you have extra time available, and are looking to be a part of the crews, or if you have a project that you are committed to, please come out to the grounds. We do not limit anyone to Wednesdays only, you can decide what days work best for you. Contact Jim at (920)319-1773 or Bill at (920)319-2105, they will be happy to assist you. There is an abundance of things to do.  Please come out to the grounds and do your part.

Just imagine, there are only a few months left before our next show. We are gearing up to host Ford, Fordson and Ferguson, represented by David Bradley (920)928-2531. Russ Sponem (920)928-2531 will represent Blacksmithing, Graham Bradley and Sears Economy Gas Engines. The feature building contact will be Dale Schwantes (920)210-6744. Although these may seem to be of lesser quantity items, there are several featured. so do not expect a small turn out. You may be surprised. Please direct any questions, needs or concerns that you may have to the feature contacts. If you know of anyone with these items that are featured, ask them to show their prized possessions. Promote your show.

The raffle for this year is a `51Ford 8N tractor, a Ford peddle tractor, a women’s basket, and three toy tractors. To see these items and to purchase tickets, please contact the raffle team, which consists of Harlow Stork, (920)728-3139, Betty Stork (920)728-3140 and Matt Feucht (920)319-2281. Please consider taking the raffle tractor to your favorite shows to sell tickets, and help each other. In doing so, will ease the burden for the same people traveling each week to the shows. A few hours at each show, lessens the burden as well. Lets all give each other a little help and consideration. Direct your questions, comments, or concerns to any of these team players.

If you are a team leader, now is a good time to get your team together and to get organized. Please understand that your area is important, and you and your team are responsible for preparing for the show. The board of directors are here to guide and direct you, not to prepare or do inventory for you. That is your responsibility, not the board of directors, nor the Wed. crew. Consult with your team to find what can make your area more efficient, or any ways to make things easier for you, and bring those ideas to the board for approval. You are involved with the success of our show. Take some initiative and be responsible.

Calling all lawn mowers. The grounds are getting in need of some assistance. Yes, the grass is growing like yours at home. As of this writing, John Deere is unable to mow the grass this year, or until further notice. Due to John Deere`s business structure, they are not manufacturing garden tractors, as they have turned to their Gater line of production. They have but a few lawn and garden tractor models in Horicon that are being manufactured. That limits the number of experimental models that are being used, therefore, limiting the availability of mowing areas. So now, the mowing of the grounds is back to us to do. Please feel free to go to the grounds anytime that you can. Your help is appreciated.

This will be the last newsletter that can be published by Michelle Zahn. Michelle has decided to step down from this duty. She is not going to renew the lease on her copier/printer. These machines are extremely expensive and it is no longer a justifiable expense for her business. The age of this machine has become a limiting factor, and the unit that she is getting will not have all the features of the old model (no more collating/stapling). Michelle has assembled/printed our newsletters and has donated our show posters for the club for many years. We thank Michelle for her many years of service and dedication to the club. Are you interested in chairing the Newsletter committee? Call me!

DCAPC and I request your assistance with the performance of your club. The strength of this club relies on you as this club is growing stronger and growing in size. Growing with more added points of interest, more added exhibits, more spectators and so on. Please show some initiative by preparing in advance to make DCAPC what it really is. The best little show to go to see, and to be a part of, the comradery, the enjoyment, and the fun that you do not want to miss out of. We are one big team, and we are making this happen. Stay involved and keep the ball rolling. Be proud of yourselves, you are the DCAPC. The success of this club relies on you. Please do not miss out. Be a part of it.

Respectfully Submitted,

Dale Schwantes,

Club President



Hey all, the summer is final here, I think! Before you know it, the show ill be here and gone. The time goes by very fast. We have an exciting year planned for our show. Blacksmithing is new this year and Russ Sponem has a lineup of things going on to excite everyone. We are all very busy trying to get things lined up for the show to make it a great show. All this cannot be done by the board alone. Each one of you is a huge part of this and makes the show what it is. We have many committees to help the board. These head people are a huge help to us as a board. Thank you to everyone who has stepped up to the plate. I want to remind everyone that if you sent me a money for a newsletter, you will be reading this in paper copy. If you did not send me money for your subscription for the newsletter, you will be needing to read this on line. You still have time to send me your $10.00/year for a paper copy. Remember to send your money along with your correct address.

That’s all for now. See you all at the show!!!!!

Sue Bintzler, Secretary, DCACP

[email protected], (920)979-0536

Mail to: W6032 State Rd 33 Juneau, WI 53039


2017ford raffle

Here we are another tractor show season ready to start. We have a very nice looking 1951 Ford 8N and some nice prizes on the raffle. The raffle is a good money maker and promotes or club. I have a schedule made up of shows that the raffle is going to. We can always use help selling tickets for even 2 or 3 hours to give the one selling tickets a break for lunch and check out the show. To find out where it is going to be you can call me, Harlow Stork, at 920-728-3139. To get tickets to sell you can call me at 920-728-3139 or Matt Feucht 920-319-2281. The tickets will be 6 for 5.00 or 1.00 each.

Thank You,

Your Raffle Cordinator, Harlow Stork




The Barn Committee is ready to go with materials and labor to begin working on the barn floor. We are awaiting a building permit, which needs to be secured by the Executive Board.

Barnfully submitted,

Diane Schacht




Place Settings,

Table/Silver Ware

Antique Table Linens,

Antique Kitchen/Dining Chairs

Fiber Arts Demonstrations throughout the day

We are looking for ONE place setting of antique china or pretty dishes. We are looking for dinner plates, salad plates, bread plates, soup bowls, fruit bowls, glasses, cups, saucers, etc. and table/silver ware that would make up one complete place setting at the dinner table. Coupled with this idea is to display antique table linens, including napkins and table cloths, and a different kind of chair at each place as well. Please call me at (920) 386-2565 to let me know that I can count on you for a display item.

Michelle Zahn, Chair, Women’s Committee

920-386-2565 or [email protected]


I have volunteered to be the contact person for the sponsorships and donations for our club. We hope to keep a more accurate record of these things and try to eliminate repeat requests. So, if you receive a donation for the club please let me know whom it is from, what it is designated for and how much it is. If you are thinking of contacting someone about a donation, please check with me to make sure that hasn’t been done by someone else. Many places have forms to fill out for requests. So next time you are at the bank, insurance office, grocery store, or other places of business, ask them if they have a donation form. Then you can give them to me or to any board member and I will fill them out and send them in. If you would like to fill it out yourself, please check with me to sure one has not already been filled out for that place. Hopefully at the annual meeting I will be able to report on our donations for the year. You may contact me, Sue Wuenne at [email protected], call or text 920-387-5790. If you have any questions please ask and I will try to answer your questions.

Thanks, Sue Wuenne

Board Members

2017 Board

President Dale Schwantes (920) 210-6744 [email protected]

Vice Pres Dick Kraemer (920) 392-2003 [email protected]

Secretary Sue Bintzler (920) 979-0536 [email protected]

Treasurer Sandy Frank (920) 885-4879 [email protected]

Tylor Schwartz (920) 988-3281 [email protected]

Russ Sponem (920) 728-1378

Harlow Stork (920) 728-3139 [email protected]

Lisa Wanie (920) 296-2477 [email protected]

Daryl Wuenne (920) 296-1021 [email protected]

Important Dates to Remember

  • Girl Scout Week at DCAPC Show Grounds July 23 – 28

    Board Meeting July 30, Show Meeting, worker sign-up

    Show August 4 – 6

    Grounds Clean-up August 7 – 12

    Board Meeting Aug 13 (compliment/complain about show)

    Board Meeting Sept 10, 11:00 at grounds

    Worker Party Sept 10, 1:00 at Grounds

    Banquet Oct 8, coctails at 4, dinner at 5

    Annual Meeting Nov 5, 1 pm at grounds

    Toy Show Set-up Dec 8

    Toy Show Dec 9 & 10

    Board Meeting Dec 10 at Toy Show


Standing committees:

• Am Wednesday Crew – Chair Jim Richardson (920) 319-1773

  • Pm Wednesday Crew – Chair Bill Madison (920) 319-2105

    • 2017 Feature Ford Tractors& Machinery Chair David Bradley (920)928-2531

    • Blacksmithing – Chair Russ Sponem (920)728-1378

    • Women’s Center Committee Chair Michelle Zahn (920) 386-2565

    • Music and Entertainment – Tony Schwantes (920) 382-9073 and Harlow Stark (920) 728-3139

    • Children’s Activities Needs a Chair

    • Gardening – Sue Schwantes (920) 210-9894

    • Plow Days Needs a Chair

    • The Toy Show – Co-chairs Curt Pernat (262) 567-0566 and Dave VandeZande, Jr. (920) 324-0376

    • Dairy Display – Chair Bill Madison (920) 319-2105

    You do not need to be a board member to chair a committee


    We need a washing machine for the kitchen. Call Sue Schwantes 920-210-9894 if you have one to give.

    • Would like more flowers for the grounds. Call Sue Schwantes 920-210-9894.

    • Still looking for a wooden silo

    • Still accepting batteries and scrap iron donations

    • Need volunteers interested in developing displays of our many historical farm and factory items. Please contact Jim Richardson at 920-319-1773.

  • Looking for volunteers to mow lawn