February 2018 Newsletter

From the Seat of the President

by Daryl Wuenne
[email protected]
Happy 50th,
Yes, that is right. This year we will feature Prairie Gold Minneapolis Moline Tractors and Cushman Engines and Scooters. We will need everyone’s hard work, ideas, input, demonstrations and displays. Going the extra mile to help the guy next to you.  Follow the Golden Rule.
The 2017 Banquet was a success. Good food, drink, and conversation. So much so, that the group agreed to have the event at the Iron Ridge Inn in 2018. Thanks to everyone who donated door prizes for the Banquet.
Raffle winners were Dean Mueller, Carl Kohloff, Harrison Russel, Frank Wiese, Molly Buhrow and Dennis Kempf.
At the November general meeting it was voted to have the 2017 audit report ready for the May general meeting, the board to make a decision on the 120 x 120 steel building, the board proposal for non-club equipment  stored at the club grounds, and tabled decision what to do with the batwing mower and lawn mowing. Please come to the May 20th potluck, 12 noon;
general meeting at 1PM. Elections had three new members to the board; John Kasmiski, Bill Frank and Craig Vierick. Thanks to all who attended, your input was needed.
Following the general meeting, the board had its first meeting to elect officers. They are Daryl Wuenne, President; Tylor Schwartz, Vice-president; Lisa Wanie, Treasurer; and Sue Bintzler, Secretary. Russ Sponem and Harlow Stork are also on the nine member Board. The club would like to thank the outgoing officers and board members Dale Schwantes, Dick
Kraemer and Sandy Frank.
The Club Christmas was a lot of fun for those who attended. The weather was almost perfect for the food, crafts, blacksmithing, camp fire, car hood sledding and, of course, Santa. The club thanks all who were involved.
Remember, May 20th potluck at noon and general meeting at 1 PM.
Thanks, Daryl


Happy 2018! Can you believe it? These years are just flying by!  Seeing as I was the only executive board member left after the election in November, I would like to thank all the outgoing board members! It has been a pleasure working with you throughout all these years and I hope for you the best in the future! I also want to thank all the members that ran for the board, in hopes that those of you that did not get elected, remember that there is another election coming in November and best of luck to you. Now for the members that were elected to the board, I look forward to working with you on a close basis and together we can guide this membership to a great time and fun things in the future!

This club is facing their 50th year of existence! It is amazing how the membership has grown to now. Through all the hustle and bustle throughout the years, we tend to forget all those members that we have lost throughout the years. At this moment I would like to say thank you to them! Some of these were founding members and the rest were very dedicated workers that helps build what we have today. On paper, it’s hard to express our gratitude but we can all keep them in our thoughts and remember, that without our founding members, we would not be here!

I would like to welcome all the new members that have recently joined, and I would like to thank all the members that have dedicated all or most of their time building the club to what it is today. This is a FUN club and the people are amazing! We need to show everyone how amazing we are by presenting them with a spectacular show this year! After all, it is our 50th and I would like to see the biggest and best and most fun show EVER! If you have any ideas or would like to help add a feature to our show, please contact Russ Sponem with your ideas.

With all the changes to the board, I ask you for patience. We are going through a lot of changes and hopefully they are for the best. Please help our new President (Daryl Wuenne), Treasurer (Lisa Wanie) and Vice President (Tylor Schwartz) by being patient and understanding, they are learning the ropes and will need time and your understanding. Thank you!

The board has been working hard in making some changes for the upcoming year and I am very excited about these changes. Stay in touch for future announcements. This is going to be a spectacular year!

Here’s wishing everyone had a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year and I look forward to seeing everyone in the spring!

– Sue Bintzler, DCAPC Secretary


The Wednesday crew has just completed restoration of the straw elevator for the bell city threshing machine and has started restoration of the International Harvester number 61 thresher-harvester.


The first step is to rebuild the Continental engine.001

If you would like to help with any of our club projects, come join us
anytime on Wednesday of each week. Call if you wish, or just show up.
• am Wednesday Crew – Chair Jim Richardson (920) 319-1773
• pm Wednesday Crew – Chair Bill Madison (920) 319-2105
Respectfully submitted by Jim Richardson


Vintage Toys
Dolls, Doll Houses, Rocking Horses
Trains, Trucks, Tractors, Games, Mechanical Toys
Fiber Arts Demonstrations throughout the day

schoolhouse toys 218

We are looking for vintage (antique) toys of any kind. This is going to be so much fun! Please call me at (920) 386-2565 to let me know that I can count on you for a display item. So far I have commitments from Todd Birkel, Russ Sponem, Pete Klinner and Bob Frank. Do you have an interesting, unusual vintage toy? We would love to display it during this year’s show
in our schoolhouse! Give me a call to arrange a good time for us to meet at the schoolhouse prior to the show.

NEW! Make Spiral Braided Rugs. 2 classes during our show. Register today!

Spiral Braided Rug Class:
Learn to make a braided rug with “rags”. No sewing required!
Donna Thomas will teach two sessions of this class on Saturday August 4, 2018 in the schoolhouse during our show.
#1 Class time 9:00 – 11:30 am   #2 Class time 12:30 – 3:00 pm
Class fee $15 includes pattern, instructions and materials enough to make a table mat.
Call Michelle Zahn @ 920-386-2565 to register early (or show up for class and hope there is still room for you!) Limit 10 students per session.

Feature Recipe
Cream of Mushroom Soup
12 – 16 ounces fresh mushrooms
1 medium onion, chopped
3 garlic cloves, chopped fine
3 – 4 tablespoons butter
3 – 4 tablespoons flour
3 cups chicken broth
1 1/2 cups Half & Half
1/2 teaspoon nutmeg
salt and pepper to taste
Slice mushrooms. Melt butter in heavy 2 quart soup pot. Add onion, garlic and mushrooms. Cook over medium heat until onions are transparent. Remove from heat. Blend in 3 tablespoons flour. Return to heat and add chicken broth. Cook and stir until thickened. Add additional 1 tablespoon flour and seasonings to Half & Half , then stir the mixture into the soap. Heat to thicken.
Makes about 5 cups of soup.
I use puffball mushrooms (when I am able) to make my mushroom soup, but any sort will suffice. When the mushrooms are ready to pick my son brings them to me. I brush of any dirt, trim away the stem and then dice the flesh of the mushrooms. I saute’ them in butter and freeze in quart bags to make this soup later in winter when I want something warm and delicious!
– Recipe from the kitchen of Michelle Zahn
Michelle Zahn Chair, Women’s Committee
920-386-2565 [email protected]


The Barn Project has been moving SANYO DIGITAL CAMERA
along slowly but surely. Not surprisingly,
lifting and placing the bents into place
proved to be a more challenging process
than expected. Charlie Mayhew, (of Rebarn)
mounted a small pine tree on top of
the roof line facing west when he and his
crew finished placing the bents in late fall. Erecting a tree at the very top
of new construction is called “topping out.” Wikipedia describes “topping
out” as an ancient construction tradition associated with the raising of a
building to its highest auspicious point. The DCAPC barn is indeed tall!
If you have not ventured out to the grounds to see it, please do so. It is an awesome sight! During the show in August, the Barn Committee booth drew lots of positive attention through the pounding of pegs for the barn. Charlie Mayhew devised a fixture that allowed folks to pound a peg through various sized holes in order to create round pegs to fit within the barn structure. Pounding
the pegs required significant effort. However, many folks eagerly pounded away and then forever sealed their handiwork into our barn by writing their name on the peg. It was truly enjoyable to watch children of all ages work so hard to contribute in the barn project. It is our hope that these same children will return in August to marvel at our beautiful barn and wonder where their peg was finally placed. This is a wonderful story that they can someday share with their children and grandchildren!

barn2 218 barn1 218

The committee exhibited an outreach display during the show in hopes to find someone who could help build louvered windows for the barn. David Paul (of Randolph) stepped forward to assist with this project. Dave built a prototype from the sample window we had acquired from the original barn. Dave is an excellent woodworker and we truly appreciate him donating his time and talent to help craft our barn so beautifully! Thank you David!
In addition to unique windows, our barn will have handcrafted hardware provided by the volunteers from our very own blacksmith shop. This will include door hinges and latches crafted in the old style, again gracing the beauty of our barn, making it an example of craftsmanship of years past. With much appreciation, we also acquired multiple donations for the club including a wooden corn crib, milk cooler, and grain truck- just to name a few.
Currently, Steve Newman is working on painting the barn boards and nailing them into place. Due to personal commitments, weather complications, and an insufficient amount of lumber, this project is taking a bit longer than initially anticipated. However, we are quite happy with the work being done and love seeing the tangible progress. The committee is assisting Steve with the building process by constructing the five barn doors required; three of the five doors have been completed to date.
The Barn Committee will be meeting all through the winter months to continue brainstorming for funds as well as develop plans for the Dairy Display that will be located within the barn. All of us on the committee are looking forward to August 2018, our 50th anniversary, to celebrate the completion of the barn project! The barn promises to be a wonderful means to promote the dairy industry, plan events, and hold demonstrations that will enrich the lives of many others.
barn3 218

Note the pine tree topping out our beautiful barn
Barnfully submitted,
Diane Schacht,
member DCAPC Dairy (Barn) Committee



We are looking for people to sign up to be on raffle committee and sell tickets at shows. Give me call @ 920-296-6449

Thank you, Gary Raatz, Raffle Committee Chair

This year’s first prize is a brand new John Deere Gator!.  Get your chance to win from DCAPC member Gary Raatz. Better still, give him a call @ 920-296-6449 and volunteer to sell raffle tickets or show the Gator (and sell tickets) at other shows you might attend.


Hi Everyone! We are planning a 50th Anniversary History Book for our 50th Show. If anyone has any interesting Photos or stories about

the past shows or projects we would hope to use them to show our progression though the years. Please Contact Russ. Photos will be returned after we copy them for our book Call evenings or weekends 920-728-1378 Or mail: 502 N Center Ave, Jefferson,WI 53549

– 50th Anniversary Chair, Russ Sponem


Tractor Tour To England, Wales & Ireland

Great Dorset Steam Fair (final 2 days of trip)

August 15 – 25, 2018

Deadline to register for trip May 1, 2018

Contact Wayne Larson (920) 387-2248




toyshow 218
Once again the DCAPC toy show, held in December at the Rock River Intermediate School in Waupun, was a great success.
rafflewinner 218
Dean Mueller of Hustiford, pictured here with family and Harlow Stork, is winner of the DCAPC 2017 first place raffle prize.
les.toy 218
Les McCullough manned his own booth at the toy show. What kind of tractor do you suppose this one is?
Jim Richardson sold some of his beautiful woodwork at the toy show.
Jim Richardson sold some of his
beautiful woodwork at the toy show.


Standing Committees:

• am Wednesday Crew – Chair Jim Richardson (920) 319-1773
• pm Wednesday Crew – Chair Bill Madison (920) 319-2105
• News Letter – Michelle Zahn (920) 386-2565
• 2018 Feature Minneapolis Moline/Twin City Tractors &
Equipment, Minneapolis Moline Garden Tractors
Co-Chairs: Bob Dykstra (920)210-5533, Scott Feucht (920)296-9321
John Kasmiski (920)387-3376 and Bill Madison (920) 319-2105
• Women’s Center Committee –
Chair Michelle Zahn (920) 386-2565
• Music and Entertainment – Tony Schwantes (920) 382-9073
and Harlow Stark (920) 728-3139
• Gardening – Sue Schwantes (920) 210-9894
• Jam’N Juneau – Co-chairs Jim Zahn (920) 650-1960 and
Sue Bintzler (920) 979-0536
• The Toy Show – Chairs Curt Pernat (262) 567-0566 and
Dave VandeZande, Jr. (920) 324-0376
• Dairy Display – Chair Bill Madison (920) 319-2105
• Advertizing – Harlow Stork (920) 728-3139
• Children’s Activities – Needs a Chair
• Plow Days – Needs a Chair
You do not need to be a board member to chair a committee

Wish List:

• We need a washing machine for the kitchen. Call Sue
Schwantes 920-210-9894 if you have one to give.
• Would like more flowers for the grounds. Call Sue
Schwantes 920-210-9894.
• Still looking for a wooden silo
• Still accepting batteries and scrap iron donations
• Need volunteers interested in developing displays of our
many historical farm and factory items. Please contact Jim
Richardson at 920-319-1773