Summer 2018 News Letter

From the Seat of the President by Daryl Wuenne

[email protected]


Happy 50th,

Yes, that is right. This year we will feature Prairie Gold Minneapolis Moline Tractors and Cushman Engines and Scooters. We will need everyone’s hard work, ideas, input, demonstrations and displays. Going the extra mile to help the guy next to you. Follow the Golden Rule. Yes, this is the same thing I wrote last Newsletter. Everyone, prepare for YOUR show.

As president I look at old reports from DCAPC Inc. just to see. The financial report given in 1972 submitted by Wilbur and Helen Laznendorf, (treasurer and secretary to the treasurer). The larger expenses were $497.50 for hauling. There were no show grounds of our own. Advertising was $253.25. Food – $204.95, Soda – $60.00 (Coca Cola by the way), Ice Cream Bars – $44.16 and Beer – $214.35. Insurance for the event was $300.00 (no show grounds). The ticket takers (Gate) were the Dodge County 4-H JR. leaders – $80.00. Other disbursements were posters, tickets, buttons, ribbons, posts, rope, PA rental, a deputy, Steve Berg (half beer stand profits) – $69.88 ???, and almost $600.00 for a food stand.

Receipts for the club were $1174.00 for gate and advanced tickets, food stand – $862.76, beer – $450.90, and the flea market brought in $5.00. No camping. Total receipts were $4,690.06 and disbursements of $2,702.50. Interest from pass book savings of $1,876.02 was $81.63. Thirteen memberships were added.

Back to present. Lawnmowers are again needed. Decision to be made at May 20th, general meeting. June 3rd will be the Dodge County Dairy Breakfast @ Siegman Farm Cty Hwy N, Rubicon, WI 9 – 1PM and the Fly-in Breakfast @ Dodge County Airport 8 – Noon. Board meeting to follow at airport at noon.

May 28th is Memorial Day, attend a service of your choice and give a prayer of thanks for those who gave so much to give you a choice. July 4th Independence Day, Let us Celebrate.



Hello one and all!

Well, is that four letter word that starts with an “S” and ends in a “W” finally done! Boy, I hope so! It has been a long winter and now it’s time to warm up and start with the summer’s activities. Speaking of summer activities, our 50th show is soon approaching and we want this to be the best show we have ever had! We have multiple committees working very hard at making this a great show! This cannot happen without everyone’s help!

I am working hard at making the office a brighter and better place to visit. Stop in and see what we are working on. Les McCullough has been hard at helping me and I think it is taking shape! This year, I want to implement a bag system. When you enter our office at the grounds, you will be handed a bag with everything in it you will need to have, along with plaques, buttons, rules of the grounds, upcoming events and much, much more. The ladies in the office will have so much time on their hands that maybe I can convince them to give out massages. JUST KIDDING! I truly hope to make the office a better flow and a quicker place to visit! (Who wants to stand in lines when we have such a great show to see?)

< align=”LEFT”>I also am planning, not saying it is definite yet, but I would like to have the office open earlier for “handing out bags” than in previous years. Don’t worry Ruth, I will take care of that LOL! So as you can see, there are lots of things new and improved and that is just the office. I hope to see everyone at the show and remember, WE ALL MAKE A DIFFERNCE, NO MATTER HOW MUCH WE CAN HELP!!!!!

See you soon!

Sincerely,Sue Bintzler  DCAPC Secretary




The two flair side wagons owned by the club were serviced this winter with complete lube jobs and minor repairs.

The Continental engine is in the reassembly stage. This is the engine for the International number 61 harvester that we hope to have restored by the IH show.


Continental engine before repair
Continental engine before repair
Continental engine during repair
Continental engine during repair

Work has begun on table rebuilds for this year. Also the boiler has been inspected and is being readied for the show. Water needs to be turned on prior to the potluck lunch on May 20. If you would like to help with any of our club projects, come join us anytime on Wednesday of each week. Call if you wish, or just show up.

• am Wednesday Crew – Chair Jim Richardson (920) 319-1773

• pm Wednesday Crew – Chair Bill Madison (920) 319-2105

Respectfully submitted by Jim Richardson



     


Vintage Toys

Dolls, Doll Houses, Rocking Horses

Trains, Trucks, Tractors, Games, Mechanical Toys

Fiber Arts Demonstrations throughout the day

summer toys

We are looking for vintage (antique) toys of any kind. This is going to be so much fun! Please call me at (920) 386-2565 to let me know that I can count on you for a display item. So far I have commitments from Todd Birkel, Russ Sponem, Pete Klinner and Bob Frank. Do you have an interesting, unusual vintage toy? We would love to display it during this year’s show in our schoolhouse! Give me a call to arrange a good time for us to meet at the schoolhouse prior to the show.

NEW! Make Spiral Braided Rugs. 2 classes during our show.

Register today!

Spiral Braided Rug Class

Learn to make a braided rug with “rags”. No sewing required! Donna Thomas will teach two sessions of this class on Saturday August 4, 2018 in the schoolhouse during our show. #1 Class time 9:00 – 11:30 am #2 Class time 12:30 – 3:00 pm Class fee $15 includes pattern, instructions and materials enough to make a table mat.

Call Michelle Zahn @ 920-386-2565 to register early (or show up for class and hope there is still room for you!) Limit 10 students per session.

Feature Recipe

Baked Zucchini Stacks

2 or 3 medium zuchini

2 or 3 medium onions, sliced

2 or 3 roma tomatoes, sliced

1 pound Italian sausage, bulk

fresh mozzarella cheese, sliced

fresh sweet basil, cut into thin strips

olive oil

salt and pepper to taste

Cut zucchini into slices 1 1/2 to 2 inches thick. With melon baller, scoop out center to make a small well. Brush with olive oil. Fill well with ball of Italian sausage. brush again with olive oil. Top with thick slice of onion and tomato, finish with slice of fresh mozzarella, sprinkle with basil pieces. Bake 30 – 35 minutes at 350, or until cheese is nice and brown. Can be done on covered grill.

– Recipe from the kitchen of Michelle Zahn

Michelle Zahn Chair, Women’s Committee

920-386-2565 [email protected]




We are looking for people to sign up to be on raffle committee and sell tickets at shows. Give me call @ 920-296-6449

Thank you, Gary Raatz, Raffle Committee Chair


Hi Everyone! We are planning a 50th Anniversary History Book for our 50th Show. If anyone has any interesting Photos or stories about the past shows or projects we would hope to use them to show our progression though the years. Please Contact Russ. Photos will be returned after we copy them for our book

Call evenings or weekends 920-728-1378

Or mail: 502 N Center Ave, Jefferson,WI 53549

– 50th Anniversary Chair, Russ Sponem


July 29 1pm Board of Directors Meeting at grounds

2pm Show Meeting. Set up work groups for show




August 6-11 Grounds cleanup.

Free lunch served for all workers on Monday

Help would be appreciated.

Someone will be available all week/everyday

Standing Committees:

• am Wednesday Crew – Chair Jim Richardson (920) 319-1773

• pm Wednesday Crew – Chair Bill Madison (920) 319-2105

• News Letter – Michelle Zahn (920) 386-2565

• 2018 Feature Minneapolis Moline/Twin City Tractors &

Equipment, Minneapolis Moline Garden Tractors

Co-Chairs: Bob Dykstra (920)210-5533, Scott Feucht (920)296-9321

John Kasmiski (920)387-3376 and Bill Madison (920) 319-2105

• Women’s Center Committee

Chair Michelle Zahn (920) 386-2565

• Music and Entertainment – Tony Schwantes (920) 382-9073

and Harlow Stark (920) 728-3139

• Gardening – Sue Schwantes (920) 210-9894

• Jam’N Juneau – Cochairs Jim Zahn (920) 650-1960 and

Sue Bintzler (920) 979-0536

• The Toy Show – Chairs Curt Pernat (262) 567-0566 and

Dave VandeZande, Jr. (920) 324-0376

• Dairy Display – Chair Bill Madison (920) 319-2105

• Advertizing – Harlow Stork (920) 728-3139

• Children’s Activities Needs a Chair

• Plow Days Needs a Chair

You do not need to be a board member to chair a committee

Wish List:

• We need a washing machine for the kitchen. Call Sue

Schwantes 920-210-9894 if you have one to give.

• Would like more flowers for the grounds. Call Sue

Schwantes 920-210-9894.

• Still looking for a wooden silo

• Still accepting batteries and scrap iron donations

• Need volunteers interested in developing displays of our

many historical farm and factory items. Please contact Jim

Richardson at 920-319-1773