Fall 2018 News Letter

From the Seat of the President by Daryl Wuenne

[email protected]


Thank You,

The bills for the show are not all in, but the income for the show looks good. The feature of Minneapolis Moline and Cushman attracted many. The huge number of steam and gas engines kept the plows, saw mills, threshers, and rock crushers busy. All the exhibits around the grounds held people’s attention and made people think of years gone by and educated the younger show goers on how work was done. Some people looked for treasures in the flea market or remembered a toy they played with on display in the School House. Down the road was the Blacksmith shop and Shingle Mill with their one of a kind souvenirs. WOW. I’m Hungry. Off to the kitchen for the Great food everywhere. Reminiscing with friends over Pie.

Get on the people hauler, I am too big for the Kiddie Train, and see where all that noise is coming from. It was the tractor pull. During a break in the pull Bob Frank, Lee Wanie, Judi Rhodes, and Don Frank were honored as the remaining founders of our club. They were given a commemorative hard cover 50th Anniversary Club History Book, the wooden Anniversary Plaque, and a Walking Stick made by the Saw Mill crew. Earlier in July they had received the 50th Year Plaque for the newspaper picture. Don and Bob gave speeches thanking members for keeping the show going. Bob mentioned a Calliope was playing at the first show.Saturday of the 50th Show a Calliope was playing in the Engine Building. The Barn was a Big attraction and the barn was full for the dance Saturday night. When the band took their break, everyone watched the spark show.The Popcorn Wagon was a nice addition, and I didn’t know there was a Wisconsin Tractor made. This one was at the first Show. The Toy Trains in the shop are always a hit. Back to the Kitchen for more Pie. Thanks to Everyone for a Great Show.

Thanks, Daryl

President, DCAPC


A Great Donation

On the evening of 28 March 2018 I took a phone call from an Allen Roeder from Glenbuhla. He stated to me that he had six pieces of antique farm equipment to donate to the DCAPC. I right away decided that since I was the one he had contacted, I would make this my project to see to it that these items got to our show.

Allen is 88 years old and he indicated to me that he gets around on a 4 wheeled motorized vehicle, so I would have to wait until it got warmer and the mud was gone before I could come to inspect it all.

On 4 April I went by Daryl Wuenne to tell him about this good fortune, and he readily agreed that we should move on getting this stuff.

On 22 May I took a helper with a smart phone along to get some pictures. These items were all in good shape and were all stored in the hay barn. No better place to store old farm machinery as far as I’m concerned. We then transferred the photos Daryl and he was quite pleased with what he saw.

Finally on 1 July Bill Frank, my nephew ( Derrick Zarling), and I went to load up. We had a few delays due to the high winds and very heavy rain that is quite typical of heboygan County. On 2 July we carefully unloaded everything into the Feature Building.

On 30 July Daryl and I got the machinery all out to set it up for display, which was quite an honor.

The items were as follows: a 2 cylinder bone grinder manufactured by Standard in Milford, MA; a corn husker made by VIM Tractor Co. in Slinger, WI; a John Deere sulky beet cultivator; a Deering husker-shredder; Deere beet digger; and a ground drive weed sprayer from Bateman Mfg with an Iron Age pump.

I hope that I can in time get all six of these items set up in their own permanent area so that we don’t have to continually move this stuff around each show time.

I am very grateful to Allen and Janet Roeder to have made this donation to our club in particular.

Submitted by,

John Kasmiski


Well, summer is almost gone and it was a hot, humid one! I enjoyed my peaceful afternoons out at the grounds all summer long maintaining the flowers and beds. Thank you Sue and Valerie for your donations of flowers. The grounds are looking more attractive all the time.

I would like to thank everyone who helped us in the kitchen and in the fry shack to make the show a success. Thank you to Sue Bintzler for her partnership with me in management of the kitchen over these past 16 years. I enjoyed every minute of it. It’s time for me to step down. I would love to show someone what I know about how we have done things in the past. If anyone is interested in taking over this big challenge please contact the board and let them know. I would be happy to help them out for a year or two until they get their feet on the ground.

I love this club and I love my time out at the grounds. I look forward to enjoying the show in years to come without quite so much responsibility.Thank you.

Respectfully submitted,

Sue Schwantes


Sept 16 11am Board of Directors Meeting at grounds 1pm Worker Appreciation Party at Grounds Bring a healthy appetite and a dessert to pass.

Oct 7 Banquet at Iron Ridge Inn. 4 pm cocktails, 5 pm dinner contact Sandy Frank 920-885-4879

Nov 11 1pm Annual Meeting (with elections) at the Grounds Russ Sponem, Lisa Wanie, Tylor Schwartz Board meeting to follow general meeting

Dec 7 6pm Toy Show set-up, Waupun Rock River Intermediate

Dec 8-9 Toy Show Sat 9-4, Sun 9-3

Board Members’ Contact Info

Pres Daryl Wuenne (920)296-1021 [email protected]

VP Tylor Schwartz (920)988-3281 [email protected]

Sec Kristin Schaefer (920)296-4487 [email protected]

Treas Lisa Wanie (920)296-2477 [email protected]

Harlow Stork (920)728-3139 [email protected]

Russ Sponem (920)728-1378 505 N. Center Ave, Jefferson 53549

Bill Frank (815)219-0537 [email protected]

Craig Vierck (920)210-9412 [email protected]

John Kasmiski (920) 387-3376 PO Box 189 Mayville 53035

Club Phone (920)296-2650

Dodge County Antique Power Club Inc.

Burnett Corners, Wisconsin

You are invited to the Annual Banquet for

the Dodge County Antique Power Club

On Sunday, October 7, 2018


Iron Ridge Inn

131 S. Main Street Iron Ridge, WI 53035

4:30pm Happy Hour

5:30pm Dinner

Cost: $20.00 per person, $9 per child, 10 and under

Price includes tax and tip

Meal includes broasted chicken, tenderloin tips, buttered noodles, roasted

red potatoes, buttered corn, dinner rolls, Black Forest cake, coffee, and milk.

Please RSVP (with payment) by September 30th, 2018.

Questions please call Sandy Frank at 920-885-4879.

To print your reservation form click Here



Spinning Wheels, Hand Cards, Spindles, Fiber prep tools

Fiber Arts Demonstrations throughout the day

The Schoolhouse wishes to extend a heartfelt thank you to all who contributed items for our silent auction. Your generosity helps us to raise funds necessary to keep up with needed improvements to our schoolhouse. We hope to find time and volunteers to help us paint the outside of the building sometime next summer.

This past year we featured classes in no sew spiral rag rug braiding, taught by Donna Thomas. From the comments heard throughout the classes, I’d say they were a hit. Plans are in the works for a new class next year. Do you have an interesting skill that you would like to demonstrate (or teach) in the schoolhouse during the show in 2019? Give me a call!

We really, really appreciate quilts! If you have time to make one for us, please call Michelle (920)386-2565 and let her know. A quilt on the back wall to be seen as you enter the schoolhouse adds color and festivity to whole room! Needless to say, it also keeps bidders coming in all weekend long to compete for winning the big item. Quilts, afghans, baby blankets, bedspreads, all work wonderfully, and they need not be new. Anything in clean, like new condition is appreciated. We also particularly like anything handmade. Woodwork, needlework, crafts of all kinds. We are very happy to promote your skills and/or business. I am always willing to meet you at the schoolhouse during the week before the show, or anytime during the show, if you would like to add something to our auction (or display).

Feature Recipe

Baked Zucchini, Tomato Casserole

2 or 3 medium zuchini 2 or 3 medium onions, sliced –  2 or 3 roma tomatoes, sliced

2 or 3 medium early potatoes – 1 lb. sharp cheddar cheese cheese, sliced grated parmesan cheese

fresh sweet basil, cut into thin strips olive oil – salt and pepper to taste –  balsamic vinegar

Cut all vegetables into slices 1/4 inch thick. In greased casserole dish form a layer of zucchini, brush with oil, then potatoes, brush with oil, then tomatoes, sprinkle with sweet basil. Add onions. Sprinkle with parmesan cheese. Cover with cheddar cheese slices. Repeat until all is used. Sprinkle with salt & pepper between layers as desired. Finish with cheddar cheese. Drizzle balsamic vinegar over top. Bake 60 minutes at 350, or until cheese is nice and brown.

– Recipe from the kitchen of Michelle Zahn

Michelle Zahn Chair, Women’s Committee

My View from the Barn:

With grateful thanks to God, as well as to John Schrock of Woodside  Construction, our barn was ready to unveil at this year’s steam show. What a memorable and special way to commemorate our 50th anniversary as a club! Truly a blessing for all of us!

I was given the job, actually it was an honor, to greet our visitors and club members on the upper level of the barn, as well as offer them the history of how the club acquired and built the barn.

As I write, I do not know this year’s attendance; however, I can attest nearly EVERYONE stopped by to check out the barn. It was impossible to miss our new addition to the club grounds! As folks entered the barn, their immediate response was to turn their gaze upward as the 120 year old beams gracefully intertwined into the architecture of our gloriously tall barn. I can also tell you that every single person I spoke with, and it was a lot, thought our barn was wonderful and a great addition to our Show Grounds. The response was overwhelming positive!

What struck me most, is how our new barn prompted folks to share pieces of their past with me -a total stranger. I listened to countless stories of hard work and sweat, good times and bad, -all deeply driven memories that suddenly resurfaced because of our barn. Occasionally, there were misty eyes as soft-spoken retired farmers recounted how the barn on their family farm had to be torn down due to disrepair. This was inevitably followed up with the comment “I am so glad to see a barn go up instead of falling down.” My sentiments exactly!

If you were lucky enough to hang out at the grounds Saturday evening, perhaps you got a chance to witness our first annual barn dance. Music was provided by Mozart’s Cadillac. Many folks came to enjoy the music and “ka-bitz” with others at the end of a busy day. As darkness fell, the barn lights could be seen twinkling far off in the distance as the music wafted through the air. It was magical!

The building of the barn did not go as smoothly as we had hoped, and there were folks who were less than thrilled over the expense of this daunting project. But for me, upstairs in that barn, on the 50th anniversary of the DCAPC, it was very obvious this was a good thing for us to do, a very good thing indeed. Preserving a small part of Wisconsin’s history on 60 acres of Dodge County farmland brought much joy for many of the show’s attendees. God willing, our barn will stand for many generations to come, allowing us opportunities to showcase the dairy industry as we remember them, before those days may be gone forever. It is our duty to preserve our heritage and teach them to our children.

-Lastly, thank you to all who contributed countless hours toward getting the barn and surrounding area ready for the show. Dave Paul was able to recreate the original louvered windows and then guided the Barn Committee in the assembly process of all 11 windows. As one visitor told me, “They are the cat’s meow!” Just prior to the show, Bill Madison, along with his brother Ray, spent many days toiling through some very steamy weather grading the barn bank and getting the stone wall in place. Ted Sponem built the hay barn doors, as well as handcrafted all the barn hardware for the doors. Emily Feucht and children, along with Natalia Krahn and her brother, Henry, provided great entertainment for many of our younger visitors by bringing in a few mini ponies and a pot belly pig. Hopefully, you got a chance to visit this little “mini farm” set up in the lower level of the barn.

The barn project could not have succeeded without the dedication of many people who cared and were driven to see it through. Whether you helped thru time, materials or money, we salute you. Additionally, we are extremely grateful for the support and leadership from our Club President, Daryl Wuenne.

Barnfully submitted, Diane Schacht

Our Barn was ready for this year’s show!

Standing Committees

• am Wednesday Crew – Chair Jim Richardson (920)319-1773

• pm Wednesday Crew – Chair Bill Madison (920)319-2105

• News Letter – Michelle Zahn (920)386-2565

• Women’s Center Committee –

Chair Michelle Zahn (920)386-2565

• Music and Entertainment – Tony Schwantes (920)382-9073

and Harlow Stark (920)728-3139

• Gardening – Sue Schwantes (920)210-9894

• The Toy Show – Chairs Curt Pernat (262)567-0566 and

Dave VandeZande, Jr. (920)324-0376

• Dairy Display – Chair Bill Madison (920)319-2105

• Advertizing – Harlow Stork (920)728-3139

• Children’s Activities – Needs a Chair

• Plow Days – Needs a Chair

You do not need to be a board member to chair a committee.