September 2019 News Letter

From the Seat of the President by Bill Frank
N9419 Hwy 33, Fox Lake, WI 53933

All our efforts throughout the year was well worth it! Our 51st Show was outstanding!! We all worked hard and all had fun. We can all be proud of our efforts. I was pleased with all the positive feedback from vendors, exhibitors and members. I would like to hear from you. Send me an email or give me a call and tell me what you thought of our show.([email protected]) Our 52nd show will feature John Deere, let’s get together to make this another great show!
Just want to let you know that our forklift needed a new clutch and right drive tire. The walk-in freezer has a small leak that will need to be repaired. The kitchen needs to have the sliding door coolers upgraded and the gas oven is not working. The shop will also be working on our trains. The engines need to be tuned up and some cosmetic work done.
Let’s all understand a few rules that the board and general membership have voted on:
1. No more tires are needed.
2. The metal dumpster will be ordered by the shop crew leader only.
3. No more burning of junk on the grounds other than generated by the shop.
4. No tapping of beer kegs on the grounds.
Please remember the treasurer provides cash for cash boxes, and to pay invoices. Please contact Sue well in advance of when you need cash or a check. I have had phone calls to provide money, and the president doesn’t have the authority to do this service.
October 6th is our annual banquet at Iron Ridge Inn. Cocktails start at 4:00pm, dinner at 5:00pm. Click here for Registration Form.
We all need to thank Metalcraft of Mayville, Inc., for the donated SCAG lawn mower. (This is a correction from the previous newsletter.)
Thank you again, EVERYONE for another great show!
Your President, Bill Frank

Shop Notes:

Bud’s Bench

by Dale Schwantes
Earlier this year one of our very active members, a man most knew by the name of Bud, Alfred Affeld passed away. He was a little rough around the edges, but a teddy bear on the inside. Bud liked to keep himself occupied. He did a lot of work at the club grounds keeping things running and in good shape. If he could tinker with an engine he was happy. Those who worked with or knew him knew that he was happier still if he had a beer and a cigarette at the same
Some of Bud’s friends got together and decided to build or purchase something for the club in remembrance of Bud. They threw around a few ideas. Along the way they found out that Lyle Kurtz’s son, Randy, builds custom benches out of steel. With a bit of brainstorming the team came up with a design and Randy put it together. Of course, with Bud being the avid IH (International Harvester) man that he was, said bench was painted IH Red.

I invite you to look for this bench on the grounds during our annual show. We haven’t decided yet where we will place it, but there has been talk of setting it near the dyno testing area. One of Bud’s jobs during our Show was dyno testing the pulling tractors, so that seems to be a logical location. We may add a few milk cans to
the display as well, to commemorate the many years that Bud spent hauling milk the old fashioned way, hoisting those cans of milk to his truck before the age of bulk tanks. He will be missed.

The bench is a donation to the club from some of his many friends.

Update from the Barn Committee:

It has been quite a whirlwind year for members of the DCAPC Barn Committee. The 50th anniversary show in 2018 will always be a landmark for us, as thankfully the barn roof and walls were completed in time for the show. Through the many struggles and setbacks that none of us will soon forget, we were quite proud to show off what could be accomplished when a small group of good folks put their minds and abilities to work.

With the barn up and ready, the focus for the 2019 show turned to the next piece of the puzzle; the dairy display. This proved to be more than just a small project.

With the gracious help and guidance of our good friend, David Paul, we built some sturdy shelves along the girths on the western end of the barn. The club has inherited a wonderful collection of milking machines, the majority of which came from Lyle Kurtz. After the equipment was moved from the Engine Building, we cleaned and displayed the 50+ machines on the shelves. We were ready to present the display to the public just a few short days before the show began. What was truly gratifying for me personally was when Lyle and Helen Kurtz, chaperoned by their son-in-law Dennis Nell, came tooling up the barn bank in a golf cart Friday afternoon of the show. Lyle had spent many years collecting a variety of beautiful milking machines. Year after year he displayed them during the show in a small area in the Engine Building. As years went by, Lyle was unable to manage moving and cleaning all of his prized equipment, and as a result, his display fell into disrepair. When the club voted to build the barn back in 2012, it was with the intent of housing a dairy display. Lyle’s collection was the perfect antidote to fill the requirements of the grant written by David Laatsch to “preserve Dodge County’s rich dairy history.”

Lyle was very pleased to see how we had displayed and labeled his prized machines and arranged them on the shelves for folks to view. I will never forget the teary look in his eyes when I commented to him, ”Lyle, do you know how many people have come to look at your milking machines? A LOT!” We are indeed proud to house and display Lyle’s collection, as well as several pieces from other donors. As long as the Barn Committee is able, we will care for this entire collection so it can be enjoyed for many more years and generations to come.

Speaking of the folks who came to check out the display, this was probably the next most poignant moment for me. Several times each day, a group of 3 or more, obviously a grandfather, a father and a son or two, would walk into the barn together. Led by the granddad, they would stroll over to a group of milking machines and you could hear the grandfather tell the story of using that particular milking machine as he grew up on his family’s dairy farm. He shared with his grandchildren, “this machine ended hand milking for us.” That was amazing for me to witness…a grandfather sharing his story with his children and grandchildren. Our display undeniably preserves dairy history, allowing us to show and tell the next generation stories of the past.

The Barn Committee still has work to do on the dairy display, including replacing much of the worn rubber tubes and inflations. The winter months will be a good time to do more research involving some of the more obscure models of milking machines. “Who would have thought there were so many different kinds of milking machines anyway?” I lost count of how many times I heard folks make that comment. Additionally, we need to contemplate placement of the milking stanchions and other equipment that remain in the Engine Building. We will have all of this on display for the 2020 show, which, as we all know, comes quicker every year.

The beautiful barn quilt, donated by Winfred and Lois Braemer, was carefully hung in time for the show. The quilt is bright and cheery and many people commented on how it dressed up our barn. Facing toward the east, it is quite visible from the farthest end of the show grounds. Indeed, this was a
generous and thoughtful gift from the Braemers. We love it and are sure all of you do too!

We are very appreciative to Dave Vande Zande and Larry Schears for sawing up the battens for the barn. We managed to get them primed, painted and partially hung on the east end of the barn. Unfortunately, time ran out for us and we will now have to wait until we can acquire a lift to get the rest of the battens hung. This is a job we definitely want to get out of the way before winter rolls around again.

The Barn Committee agreed to build turn of the century horse stalls on the lower level of the barn. Robert Schroeder volunteered his guidance and help to assist Bill Madison in building 3 impressive horse stalls. I do not profess to know much about horse stalls, but I do believe there are none finer to be found. In exchange for helping out with other sawing, Matt Harvey donated the sawing of the lumber for the horse stall project. For the second year, Emily Feucht and children brought their menagerie of small farm animals to the lower level of the barn, including miniature horses and a pet pig. This family affair has added a lot of color and fun to our barn and we appreciate them sharing their love of livestock with us and all of the guests who came to visit us in the barn.

On the surrounding area outside of the barn, you will find a wonderful new addition of a reconstructed corn crib. Again, our friend Dave Paul stepped up to the plate to offer his assistance. Using an old corncrib as a pattern, Dave fashioned and built this new corncrib in memory of his stepfather, John Davis. John was a charter memory of the DCAPC and Dave held great respect and admiration for him. Bill Madison paid for the materials and Roberts Brothers from Randolph donated the paint and labor to complete the project. It looked great for the show and will look even better next year when we put together some displays for inside the corncrib.

The latest project we recently fell into is the donation of a milk house from the Gary Mechkovcch homestead. Hopefully you noticed it sitting alongside the drive leading to the barn. We plan on restoring this building as time and funding are made available.

Lastly, late Saturday evening of the show brought a few showers through the club grounds, which left folks looking for a place to congregate. Groups of good people from all over the club grounds gathered together inside the barn for some good old-fashioned fellowship. It was a great party and a fun way to end a busy day. Barns are gathering places, not just for hay bales, livestock and machinery. Barns can bring folks to a common place, to sit and listen to one another, share stories, a beer or two and just get along. There is something about a barn that is warm and inviting. Many of us are drawn to the beauty you can find in the structure of a well-built barn. I think our barn is all of that and more!
Barnfully Submitted,
Diane Schacht

A note from the Treasurer:

Top of the day to all members, We had a very good show this year. All the numbers in are preliminary but it looks like we had one of the best shows in years. We had 541 people register in the office this year. The office staff did a wonderful job keeping people moving in and out. Thank you for all your amazing help in the office. I will have more definite numbers on how all departments did at our annual meeting in November.

We had more compliments this year than complaints. Of course we need complaints (suggestions), because there is always room for improvement. One of the compliments this year was, “the show was fun and everyone seemed so happy!” This makes the board very happy to hear! We want everyone to work together and have fun! Our PA system will be up and running next year which will help a great deal with communication throughout the grounds! As most of you know, I had many hats to wear for the show, so that being said, I would like to thank Jim Richardson andCindy Pieper for all their help in the treasurer’s office and for teaching me what I needed to do.

To switch gears a little, I would like to thank everyone who stepped up to the plate to help Sue Schwantes and me in the kitchen, fry shack, concessions, cash registers, selling pies, fish fry and, most importantly, cleaning up! It truly takes a group effort to accomplish good food, fun times, and a positive income. Without everyone’s help, we could not get the job done.

Another compliment we heard was during the lunch hour, where the lines were long, the people made it through the line in 8 minutes! This is an amazing time! The help we have in the kitchen area and throughout the show grounds is fantastic! Keep up the good work and with everyone’s help, our show will continue to grow and be fun!

Respectfully yours,
Sue Michael
DCAPC Treasurer


We had a lovely time, once again, in the schoolhouse during the show. Several members of DCAPC, along with members of Michelle’s spinning guild, spent each of the three days doing their favorite fiber arts.

We had an impressive display of spinning wheels and fiber preparation tools on display, numbering over well over 50 pieces. The age of these tools and wheels ranged from modern to over three hundred old. We thank all who managed to bring pieces for display, and we  encourage you to join us again, next year when we will feature looms, weaving tools and hand-woven textiles.

Looms, Weaving tools, Hand-woven textiles
Fiber Arts Demonstrations throughout the day
Classes to be announced

We were fortunate to obtain a vintage map of Wisconsin from the 1800’s. Thanks to Tylor Schwartz (and friend) for hanging it above the chalkboard for us. If you haven’t had a chance to come in to see it yet, please make a note to do so next year. It looks like we are finally going to have windows made for those
four windows missing panes. Thanks to Peter Wellbourne for stepping up the plate. Hopefully we have them in place before winter sets in.

We hosted two teachers during the show this year. Donna Thomas, of Mauston, taught two different methods to make rugs using rags, old sheets and fabrics. She’s a good teacher. All students had a great time, if laughter in the house throughout the day was any indicationof how much fun they were having.

Each student went home with a good start on a rug (from each of the two sessions) and supplies, patterns and the confidence to finish on their own. Thank you, Donna, for sharing your knowledge with us!

Jane Brown, of Randolph, brought silk scarves and dyes to teach silk painting. She demonstrated a very clever method using genuine leaves to transfer beautiful colors and patterns to the silk scarves. Our Diane Schacht joined us for this class and created an absolutely gorgeous scarf painted on black silk!

Thank you, Jane, for sharing your skills with us. It was a joy to see each of the scarves progress from plain to beautiful throughout the afternoon.

Come join us next year, when we will have yet another fun thing to learn!
Michelle Zahn, Chair,
Chair Women’s Committee

• Featured Recipe

Escalloped Corn

1 stick butter
1 medium onion
1 stack (1/4 box) saltines
1 can creamed corn
about 14 ounces frozen whole kernel corn
3 eggs
1/4 cup milk
1 T sugar.
Grease (with butter) a 2 quart casserole dish. Set aside.
Coarsely chop onion.
Saute’ in half stick of butter till transparent.
In large bowl mix onion/butter with 14 ounces whole kernel
corn (frozen), creamed corn, half the saltines, (crushed), 3 eggs
and milk. Turn all into casserole dish and bake at 350 about 45
Meanwhile, melt remaining 1/2 stick of butter in cast iron
frying pan. Crush remaining saltines and saute’ in the melted
butter over medium heat until they are toasted brown. Midway
through baking, sprinkle browned saltines over corn dish and
bake until firm. Makes about 2 quarts.
-from the kitchen of Pearl Colburn
(Great grandmother of Michelle Zahn)


Oct 6 4pm Cocktails – Banquet (Registration Form)
5pm Dinner - Raffle Drawing to follow dinner
Oct 12 1pm Board of Directors Meeting at grounds
Nov 3 1pm Annual Meeting –Election
Short Board Meeting to follow annual meeting.
Dec 6 6pm Toy Show Table Set up
Dec 7 - 8 9 - 4, 9-3 Toy Show
Dec 8 12pm Board of Directors Meeting at Toy Show
Dec 14 10am - 4pm Winter wonderland at Show Grounds
(Snow/Rain Date Jan 11) (Contact Sue Schwantes)

Board Members’ Contact Info

Pres Bill Frank (815) 219-0537 [email protected]
VP Tylor Schwartz (920) 988-3281 [email protected]
Sec Craig Vierck (920) 210-9412
Treas Sue Michael (Bintzler) (920) 979-0536 [email protected]
Jeff Peters (262) 305-4032 [email protected]
Dale Schwantes (920) 210-6744 [email protected]
Daryl Wuenne (920)296-1021 [email protected]

Standing Committees:

• am Wednesday Crew – Chair Jim Richardson (920) 319-1773
• pm Wednesday Crew – Chair Bill Madison (920) 319-2105
• News Letter – Michelle Zahn (920) 386-2565
• 2020 Feature: John Deere
• Co-Chairs: John Deere: Bill & Don Frank (815) 219-0537
Small Engines: Russ Sponem (920) 728-1378
• Women’s Center Committee –
Chair Michelle Zahn (920) 386-2565
• Music and Entertainment – Tony Schwantes (920) 382-9073
• Gardening – Sue Schwantes (920) 210-9894
• The Toy Show – Chairs Curt Pernat (262) 567-0566 and
Dave VandeZande, Jr. (920) 324-0376
• Dairy Display – Chair Bill Madison (920) 319-2105
• Advertizing – Betty Stork (920) 728-3139
• Children’s Activities – Needs a Chair
• Plow Days – Needs a Chair
You do not need to be a board member to chair a committee

Wish List

• Would like more flowers for the grounds. Call Sue Schwantes (920) 210-9894.
• Still accepting batteries and scrap iron donations
Absolutely NO TIRES!
• Need volunteers interested in developing displays of our many historical farm and factory items. Please contact Jim Richardson at (920) 319-1773